How to get by Bus from Camden Road to Stansted Airport

  1. Locate Bus Stop R on Camden Road.
  2. Get the 214 bus towards Finsbury Park.
  3. Get off at the sixth stop, St. Pancras International Station.
  4. Wait at the same stop (bus stop S) for the Stansted Citylink bus to Stansted airport.
  5. Get on the non-stop bus service and arrive at Stansted Airport in an hour and 15 minutes.

Bus Routes from Camden Town to Stansted Airport

It’s very quick to travel by bus from Camden Road to Stansted Airport, with London Bus and Stansted Citylink coach services.

Locate Bus Stop R on Camden Road for the first step of your journey to the airport. It’s about a 3 minute walk from either Camden Road Station or Camden Town Station and a 7 minute walk from Camden market. The 214 bus towards Finsbury Square departs Camden bus stop R approximately every 10 minutes during the day and approximately every 20 minutes during night-time hours.


Board the 214 bus and travel to the sixth stop, travelling directly from Camden Road to King's Cross St Pancras International Station. You will disembark at bus stop S on Midland Road. Stansted Citylink departs from this stop also, so you will not need to walk anywhere else once you’ve left the Camden bus. The Stansted Citylink bus to the airport departs every half hour between 02:30am and 23:30pm.


Camden Markets

Camden’s markets are a must-see for any London local, day tripper or international tourist alike. Buses to Camden and other transport to the area operate very regularly. With local crafts, homeware, jewellery, fashion, vintage collectables and souvenirs, there’s sure to be something to interest even the casual browser. The Camden area is also renowned for a variety of hip cafes, terrace bars, relaxed restaurants and street food stalls. The markets in Camden Lock village and Inverness Street are bustling daily, while additional stalls are set up on the weekend in Camden Stables and the Electric Ballroom.

The Electric Ballroom is an iconic music venue, having hosted the likes of The Clash, Sid Vicious, The Boomtown Rats, Garbage and Joy Division, among many others during their 70 plus years of business. Suitably, Saturday’s vendors sell records and movie and music paraphernalia, while Sunday’s stalls display vintage, gothic and punk clothes.



Camden Lock Market to Stansted Airport

If you are coming from Camden Lock market, the walk takes about 7 minutes to the bus stop.

Walk along Camden High Street in the direction of South East, crossing the bridge over Camden Lock. Turn left onto Greenland Road, and take the first left back onto Camden High Street. Almost immediately, veer right onto Camden Road and walk straight until you see bus stop R on your right, in front of a dry cleaners. Then get the 214 bus from Camden Road to King’s Cross St Pancras International to bus stop S on Midland Road. Board the Stansted Citylink bus from this stop to the airport to complete your journey from Camden Road to Stansted.


The Bus Journey to the Airport

As Stansted Citylink buses depart every half hour during the day, you won’t have long to wait at the bus stop. If you need some last-minute shopping or a something to eat, there’s plenty of choice in King’s Cross St. Pancras International Station.

The buses from Camden to Stansted are both short: the six stops from Camden Road to King’s Cross St. Pancras takes less than 10 minutes in off-peak times and Stansted Citylink’s non-stop express route can be completed in an hour and 15 minutes. With reclining seats, large luggage capacity, friendly staff, toilets and free WiFi on board, we try to ensure the most comfortable journey possible.


Prices for the Bus from Camden Road to Stansted Airport

A single adult fare costs £1.50 on contactless Oyster Card on London buses. It is cheaper to purchase your ticket for Stansted Citylink services to online and ahead of time. Below is a breakdown of prices, but you can save 30% if you book over two weeks’ ahead of time. You can also save money by booking a non-flexible ticket, meaning your bus trip from Camden to Stansted airport can cost as little as £6.50. That’s not bad if you’ve gone over-budget in Camden’s wonderfully unique markets!

Ticket Type Non-Flexible Advanced +14 Days Flexible Anytime Premium Late Night
Adult Single £5.00 £6.30 £8.00 £9.00
Child Single £4.00 £4.00 £4.00 £5.00

Stansted to Camden

To get from Stansted to Camden, board a Stansted Citylink bus that departs from the airport coach station. First, get from Stansted to King's Cross. There are lots of buses to Camden, but the easiest option is to cross the road and wait for the 214 bus towards Highgate School that departs from Bus Stop T. There are three different stops in Camden: High Street, Town Station or Camden Town. Alternatively, walk towards to King's Cross underground and get a train to Camden. Looking to go elsewhere? Check out our step by step directions from Stansted to Victoria, which is another great transport hub.