Watford to Stansted Airport

Getting from Watford to Stansted Airport is easy by travelling on the London Underground or Overground to King’s Cross and then by bus for the rest of the journey. 


Directions from Watford to Stansted Airport

  1. Enter Watford Station.
  2. Locate the Metropolitan Line towards Algate.
  3. Board the train and travel for fourteen stops.
  4. Disembark at King’s Cross St Pancras, approximately 50 minutes later.
  5. Follow the signs and exit onto Euston Road.
  6. Turn left and enter the door on the right to St. Pancras International Station.
  7. Walk straight until you see Dune.
  8. Take a left at Dune and exit onto Midland Road.
  9. Turn right and find the Stansted Citylink Bus for Stansted Airport at Bus Stop S.
  10. Board the bus and arrive at Stansted Airport 75 minutes later.


The Area of Watford

Watford is a town located in Hertfordshire at the edge of London with good transport links to central London and is serviced by the M25 motorway. There is a variety of green spaces to enjoy. Cassiobury Park in particular is ideal for a pleasant stroll and also has a children’s play area and miniature railway.


Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesdon is a popular attraction for tourists, where visitors can walk through the sets used in the Harry Potter franchise, learn about the making of the films and view the props and costumes used. A shuttle runs to and from Watford, making it an ideal excursion before travelling from Watford to Stansted Airport.   


Watford Underground to Central London

The Watford Underground Station is located near Cassiobury Park. Enter the station and follow the signs for the Metropolitan Line bound for Algate. Board the train and travel for fourteen stops, disembarking at King’s Cross St Pancras. The journey will take 45-50 minutes.


Watford Overground to Central London

Alternatively, if more convenient, board the Overground train at Watford Junction or Watford Highstreet to Euston, which takes approximately 40 minutes. At Euston, take the Northern line bound for Morden and disembark at the next stop, King’s Cross St. Pancras station.


How to get from Watford to Stansted Airport

Whichever route you take to King’s Cross Station, follow the signs to exit at Euston Road. Cross over Euston Road and turn left. After walking a few metres, the entrance to St. Pancras International will be on your right side.


Enter the station and walk straight as far as the shop called Dune and then take a left, bringing you to the exit onto Midland Road. Exit through the doors and turn right. Walk a short distance to Bus Stop S.


Watford to Stansted Airport by Coach

Board the Stansted Citylink bus that departs from this stop regularly. Enjoy free WiFi and comfortable seats on board during the short 75 minute trip from the station to Stansted Airport. Walk straight ahead when you get off the bus and then follow the signs to the terminal building.


Watford to Stansted Airport Prices

ConnectionPrice (from)
Watford Junction to King’s Cross£9.80
Watford High Street to King’ Cross£8.50
Watford Underground to King’s Cross£6.00
King’s Cross to Stansted Airport Bus£5.00


Other ways to get to Stansted Airport

If you are exploring other parts of London, there are easier ways to get back to Stansted Airport. For example, Paddington to Stansted or Euston to Stansted Airport are alternative journey routes. When you return on another trip to London, you can transfer Stansted to Victoria using an easy guide.